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The environmental impact of a business affects everyone. Every shift from road to rail means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, because one freight train replaces up to 44 trucks, equalizing traffic density on highways.

Show transparently the environmental benefits of transporting your goods by rail and use the effect for your company! Our environmental certificate shows the emissions for your freight transport:

  • Free certificate for existing customers
  • Comparison of the environmental impact of road/rail transport.
  • The calculation is based on EcoTransIT World (

Freight belongs on rails.

Our trains produce around 95 percent fewer CO2 emissions than air freight and on average one-third of the emissions of road freight.

The Eurasian Corridor boasts an impressive 97% electrification of its route, resulting in minimal direct CO2 emissions (Tank-to-Wheel, or TTW) during transportation. Compared to airplanes, freight trains emit 95% less greenhouse gases, and they also outperform sea vessels in terms of overall environmental impact.

To address the challenge of indirect upstream emissions (Well-to-tank, or WTT) originating from energy production, processing, and delivery, we have implemented a two-fold strategy. In Europe, we have taken a proactive stance by embracing 100% renewable energy sources, including hydropower, solar, and wind energy, to power the Eurasian transport. Precise calculation of the electrical energy requisite for transporting customers' cargo via block trains in Europe guides the provision of an equivalent quantity of certified renewable energy within our electricity network. This certification is derived from Guarantees of Origins (Herkunfsnachweis) issued by the Federal Environment Agency (Bundesumweltamt), ensuring that the transportation process is underpinned exclusively by green energy in Europe.

In regions where the use of non-renewable energy sources is unavoidable, emissions are offset through the acquisition of climate certificates. The quantification of emissions in China and on the broad gauge is achieved through, a widely acknowledged online emission calculation tool. Subsequent emission mitigation is accomplished via the procurement of climate certificates from Atmosfair, a German nonprofit organization rooted in a research project initiated by the Federal Environment Ministry. This action entails the funding of United Nations-registered construction projects focused on renewable energy facilities in developing nations. Furthermore, these projects align with the stringent environmental criteria stipulated by the GOLD STANDARD.

By adopting these sustainable alternatives, our Eco-Solutions enable a fully climate-neutralized transport between China and Europe. This not only ensures environmental sustainability but also enables businesses to demonstrate their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and advancing towards a greener future.

With our products, we at DB Cargo Eurasia are doing our part to combat the environmental challenges posed by climate change. We make an active contribution to achieving climate targets by shifting as much traffic as possible to rail.

Because: goods belong on rails.

As a DB Cargo Eurasia customer, you can make your contribution to climate protection with a minimum of effort. 

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