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Q: Who are We?

A: We are a neutral rail operator that only works with freight forwarders and logistics companies around the world. We do not work with direct customers.

Q: What services do we offer?

A: We offer both single container and block train transports connecting Europe via gateways with countries along the Eurasian corridor (Central Asia, China and many more).

Q: How long does it take to transport from Germany to China?

A: Depending on the destination in China, the transit time can be between 15 and 21 days.

Q: How much does it cost to transport a container between Germany and China?

A: Due to the different regulations and subsidies that change depending on the route, the price may vary. Please contact our sales team to get a quote tailored to your needsDB.CE.PMG.ASIA@deutschebahn.com.

Q: Which destinations in Germany are served by trains from China?

A: In addition to Duisburg, Hamburg and Munich, which have now become the main HUBs on the Trans-Eurasian Corridor, there is a long list of destinations that can be reached via DB Cargo's network. Please contact our sales team for more info (DB.CE.PMG.ASIA@deutschebahn.com).

Q: What additional documents are required for the transportation of chemical cargoes?

A: All chemical cargoes must be checked for their railroad acceptance before booking. A certificate must be issued by organizations recognized by China Railway and submitted with the request.

Q: What are the requirements for booking 20 feet containers?

A: The platform can only accept a booking with 20-foot containers if they are booked in pairs.