Privacy Policy Information

The usage of our website in principle is possible without any record of personal data. In case you want to use a special service of our company based on our website, the record of some kind of personal data might be necessary. In case the maintenance of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory base for such a maintenance (e.g. the performance of a contractual agreement) existing, we kindly ask for your agreement.
With this note we inform you about what kind of data we collect, how we use these data and how you are able to disagree with data collection.

Who is the responsible office for the data collection and processing?

The Trans-Eurasia Logistics GmbH collects and processes data as responsible office.

The appointed DPO is Mrs. Chris Newiger. If you have any questions, suggestions and/or criticisms regarding please contact:

Trans-Eurasia Logistics GmbH
Bellevuestraße 3
10785 Berlin



Which data do we collect and how and why do we collect your data?

All data collection and processing is done for specific purposes. They result of technical requirements, contractual requirements or explicit user requests.

For technical reasons certain data must be collected and stored if you visit These include the date and duration of the visit, used pages of the website, data which identifies the browser and operating system as well as the website from which you visit us.

Legal basis of data collection:

If we obtain your agreement for processing operation of personal data collection, this agreement does serve according to article 6 section 1(b) GDPR as legal basis.

When processing with personal data, which are necessary for contractual performance with you, the contract ist he legal basis according to article 6 section 1(b) GDPR.

Article 6 section 1(b) GDPR is also valid for processing operations, which are necessary for pre-contractual measures, f.e. in case of product request or service request.

In case our company is amenable to a legal commitment, which makes it necessary to collect personal data, f.e. the performance of fiscal obligations, the data collection is based on article 6 section 1(b) GDPR.

We save and analyse user data of the online area on anonymous basis to constantly optimize our service offer. Legal basis of this is article 6 section 1(b) GDPR.

Will data be forwarded?

For processing of contracts in general the engagement of a directive data processor is necessary, e.g. of data center operators, print or delivery services or other contractual parties.

External providers, who collect data in our name, are carefully selected by us and are strictly bound by contract. These providers work in accordance with our instructions, which are ensured by strict contractual obligations, by technical and organizational measures as well as complementary checks.

A transmission of your data will only be proceed in case you give us your explicit confirmation or according to a legal regulation.

A transmission to third states outside of European Union / European Economic Area (EER) or an international organization will not be proceeding, except in case of appropriate guarantees. These include standard contractual clauses of EU as well as EU-Commission adequacy decisions.


How long will your data been saved?

We save and collect your data only for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of purpose (f.e. a part of a contractual relationship) or as required by law. In general we save and collect your data as part of a contractual relationship at least until the final termination of contract.

Afterwards the data will be saved for the duration of legal retention period.

What are the rights of users of Trans-Eurasia Logistics?

You can request information about what data is stored about you.

You can ask for rectification, erasure and blocking of the maintenance of your personal data, if legal bases exists and is possible within the contractual relationship.

You have the right to lodge a complaint at a data protection supervisiory.

Responsible for Trans-Eurasia Logistics GmbH is the factual and local data protection supervisiory:

Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit

Friedrichstraße 219

10969 Berlin

You have the right of portability of all data, which you provided to us on basis of confirmation or contract confirmed (data portability).

If you give us your consent for your data to be processed, you can revoke this in the same way. The revocation of confirmation will not touch the legality of confirmed maintenance until the revocation.

If data collection is based on our legitimate interests or is necessary for the performance of a public task, you have the right to revoke the data collection based on reasons according to your special situation.

For the exercise of your rights you can write a letter to:

Trans-Eurasia Logistics GmbH

Bellevuestraße 3

10785 Berlin


Will data be encrypted?

The transmission of data and emails on the internet is usually unencrypted and not protected against unauthorized access. Because the confidentiality of the information during transmission of an email is not guaranteed we recommend you to send confidential information exclusively by letter.


What happens when using external links?

If you follow a link to an external site, you are leaving the website of Trans-Eurasia Logistics GmbH. Therefore Trans-Eurasia Logistics GmbH accepts no liability for the contents, services or products that are provided on the external websites. Furthermore Trans- Eurasia Logistics is not responsible for the data protection and technical security of external linked websites.


When do we use cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to store personal data. When opening a website cookies can be transferred to the site and allow a clear assignment of the user. Cookies help to simplify the usage of websites by the user. We differ between cookies, which are necessary regarding the technical function of the website and cookies, which are not necessary regarding the technical usage.

We want to let you make an informed decision as to whether you want to use cookies that are not necessary for the functioning of technical website features. Please note that in case of rejection of advertising cookies you receive less apposite advertisement based on your needs and interests. The functional usage of the website will still be provided in total.

In the following we are informing you here about the type and scope of the intended use of cookies on our websites:

It is possible to use www.trans-eurasia-logistics.comgenerally without cookies, which do not serve technical purposes. This means that you can prevent the tracking of cookies in your browser (do not track, tracking protection list, etc.) or prohibit the saving of third-party cookies. You can change these settings in your browser. We also recommend checking and deleting saved cookies regularly unless these are not expressly required.

Please note: In case of deleting all cookies you also delete all opt-out cookies. In this case you need to revoke again, which means to opt-out these cookies again.

Cookies, which are not necessary regarding the technical function of the website:


_icl_visitor_lang_js                             (language setting, storage period: 1 month)

_hjlncludedInSample                          (language setting, storage period: 1 month)

_wpml_browser_redirect_test            (transfer German browser to German site, storage period: 1 month)


No usage of session cookies.

Cookies, which are not necessary for the technical function of the website:

No usage of such of these Cookies.

Web Analysis Service

Usage of Matomo (previously Piwik)

For our website we use the analysis service of Matomo (previously Piwik) to analyse and regulary optimize the usage on our website. Through the statistics we can optimize our provided service to make it even more attractive and more interesting for you as our customer.

Through small sized text files (Cookies) we collect datas of how you use our website. This also includes the IP address. These datas will be anonymised and will be collected on our server.

Legal basis for using Matomo is article 6 section 1(b) GDPR.

Your disable option: If you don’t confirm with the analysis of your user behavior, you can set your browser to refuse analyzing cookies. Additionally, you are free to choose whether a web analysis cookie can be placed in your browser to allow the visited website to collect and analyse different statistical data.

If you disagree with the collection of data, please click the following link to place the Matomo-Disable Cookie in your browser:

Your visit of this website is actually been recorded by Matomo Web Analysis Service. Please click here to disable the option of recording your visit.

Please note: In case of deleting all cookies you also delete all opt-out cookie. In this case you need to revoke again, which means to opt-out these cookies again.

Usage of Hotjar

We use Hotjar to analyse and regulary optimize the usage on our website. With the technology of Hotjar we can get a better understanding of the experiences of our user (e.g. how much time user stay on our website, which links do they follow, what they like and whta they don’t like etc.). This feedback analysis helps us to optimize our offer to our users. Hotjar works with cookies and other technologies to collect the information about user behavior and their devices (especially IP address of device (will only be recorded and collected in anonymous form), screen site, device type (Unique Device Identifiers), information about the used browser, location (only country), to show the preferred language on our website). Hotjar collects this information in a pseudonymized user profile. This information will neither be used by Hotjar or by us to identify single user or to collect data of single users. Please follow the link to find further information of Hotjars Privacy Policy hier.

If you want to revoke the collection of a user profile as well as the information about your visit on our website through Hotjar and the Hotjar Tracking Cookies on other websites, please click this Opt-Out-Link  .


Update of Privacy Policy Information

We update the Privacy Policy Information according to changed functionalities or to changes of legal situation. We recommend you to read the Privacy Policy Information at regular intervals.

In case your confirmation is necessary or parts of Privacy Policy Information includes regulations of the contract with you, we only do changes according to your confirmation.

Last update: Berlin, 14.05.2018