Exciting News: The 100th WB Full-time Schedule Train Arrived!

Article: Exciting News: The 100th WB Full-time Schedule Train Arrived!

On February 16, 2024 we as DB Cargo Eurasia celebrated a significant milestone of our star product in cooperation with ITL: the arrival of the 100th Full-time Schedule Train from Xi'an to Duisburg! This achievement signals a new era for Eurasian rail freight transport. 

Since October 26, 2022, our Full-time Schedule Train has been operating smoothly, making weekly trips. With the introduction of the Eastbound (EB) Train on June 27 and the second weekly Westbound (WB) Train on July 1, 2023, we've been running two WB and one EB round trips per week on the Eurasian Corridor. In 2023, our average lead time stabilized at about 12-13 days!

Rail transportation is gaining attention for its environmental advantages amidst the global push for sustainability. Rail is not only efficient but also the greenest mode of transport from China. Thanks to the benefits of our Full-time Schedule Train, such as its short lead time and top service quality, Eurasia international block train transportation has become the preferred choice for customers shipping high-value goods and prioritizing a green supply chain.

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