1. train between Hefei -Neuss

Route between Hefei and Neuss

New transport route opened

1. train between Hefei - Neuss

Global supply chains are fundamental to Germany's economic performance. They contribute over 600 billion dollars to German value creation. With the goods train, these supply chains are not only global, but also environmentally friendly. How can this be done? DB Cargo Eurasia connects DB Cargo AG's large environmental network with Asia. And it is growing every day.

DB Cargo Eurasia has opened the first new route of 2022 and, as operator, offers the weekly train between Hefei (China) and Neuss (Germany) for general goods in both directions. This means 4 regular trains per month from Hefei to Neuss and 4 regular trains in the opposite direction from Neuss to Hefei. The departure of the 1st train between Hefei and Neuss took place on New Year's Day, 01.01.2022. On 21.01.2022 the train was received in Neuss, crossing 8 time zones and 4 climate zones. The entire transport covers a distance of over 10,000 km - over the longest rail freight route in the world. 

If you are interested in transporting goods on this route, please do not hesitate to contact the colleagues at DB Cargo Eurasia by e-mail: DB.CE.pmg.asia@deutschebahn.com.