1. train from Nanjing to Tilburg

In the first week of June, the first block train left Nanjing (Jiangsu Province / China) and reached its destination Tilburg (Netherlands) after about three weeks of transport.

Since the beginning of June 2021, DB Cargo Eurasia has been acting as DB operator for the Nanjing-Tilburg connection: The arrival of the 1st block train from Nanjing (Jiangsu Province / China) to Tilburg (Netherlands) took place on the morning of 04 June 2021 with a small ceremony after 20 days of transport and 11,500 km of track on the Eurasian corridor. Different groups of goods were transported. More trains on this route are planned for 2021 ... (How many more trains ran in June? Frequency/ month in the future?). Partners on this connection are Jiangsu International Rail freight express Co. Ltd, DB Cargo Russija, DB Cargo Polska, DB Cargo Intermodal Sales, DB Cargo Netherlands.