Within 12 days from Xi’an to Duisburg by rail

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Within 12 days from Xi’an to Duisburg by rail

The Full-time schedule China-Europe freight train started every Wednesday since 26th of October. 

The first China-Europe freight train (also called High Speed Train) running on full-time schedule, carried by China National Railway Group and DB Cargo Eurasia (DBCE), arrived in Germany on 5th November. 

This marks the first time that the schedules of each section of the domestic and foreign railway trains will be connected throughout the whole process, and the arrival and departure time will be clarified, which will help control the operation time of each link and achieve smooth handover of each section. This is taking high-quality China-Europe freight train service onto a new level. Customers point out regularly, that lead time counts among the most important factors to choose rail transport. 

It took 10 days, 20 hours and 8 minutes for the train, fully loaded with photovoltaic inverters, motor compressors, dust collectors and other goods, to travel 9,908 kilometers to arrive at the destination after it set off from the major transportation hub Xi'an, China. 

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Full-time schedule Train Westbound

A welcome ceremony was later held in Duisburg on Monday for its arrival. Participants in the event included: Tabea Klang, Chief Sales Officer of DB Cargo Eurasia GmbH; Du Chunguo, Chinese Consul General in Düsseldorf; Zhang Wen, General Manager of CRCT Europe Logistics GmbH; Carsten Hinne, executive board member of German logistics company Duisburger Hafen AG, and other Chinese and German representatives. 

Attendees lauded the new service with expectations for further robust growth of China-Europe freight trains. 

"So this train arrived from China to Germany in ten days. This is great, this is excellent, and this is unprecedented. You know, there's a lot of goods that are being transported between China and Europe, and rail freight is definitely the most climate friendly mode of transport," said Tabea Klang. 

Unlike ordinary freight trains, the full-time schedule trains have fixed train numbers, routes, schedules and operation time in each transport section, in order to meet the needs of our customers for more stable transport timelines. 

DBCE is the European Partner for the full-time schedule China-Europe freight train on the corridor between China and Europe! The German Railways area great partner as DB Cargo is the largest rail freight company in Europe. We have a network behind us that is something to be proud of: We can provide services to 18 countries on the European continent. All our teams play an important role in coordinating the smooth arrival of the cross-border train. 

The Full-time schedule China-Europe freight train started every Wednesday since 26th of October.